I decided to put my traveling and other adventurous experiences on paper. I am finding a lot of joy in simply documenting my experiences and going back to read about them. This blog is meant to be a very humble journal that I want to share with anyone who is interested to see what Suzie Jeon thinks about her own experiences and travel 🙂 Nothing more and nothing less!

My interest in travel and the rest of the going-on’s outside of Los Angeles, California is simply put, an interest in finding out more about myself. It turns out that my passion for travel, history, nature, culture, and other people is motivated by my selfish desire to better understand what makes me feel at peace and fulfilled. 32 years old, carrier of student debt, and living the draining life as a social worker and therapist, I find myself getting shoved into an air tight box that doesn’t allow for imagination or creative expression. The rote routine that so many of us have to adhere to in order to survive has sometimes made me numb to others, and to beautiful enlightening experiences that I need to thrive as a human being.

Quite candidly, family, financial circumstances, career, routine; these are things that I am both grateful for but feel burdened by from time to time. Life can feel so manufactured by the constant cycle of production and consumption. We spend most of our hours working to produce money to buy not only the things that we need (food, clothing, shelter), but the things that we THINK we need (fancy food, expensive clothes, and bigger houses). The amount of time and energy spent on such things leaves us feeling depleted, colorless, and cold. I am guilty of indulging in said things and am looking for ways to partake in a more sensible balanced way. God knows it is hard, but I remind myself that the things that make me truly happy aren’t actually THINGS. They are people, experiences, and existing with a sense of inner harmony.

As trite as it may sound, there’s a silver lining in all hardships that we endure. I believe that it is our responsibility to be in a spiritual space that allows for us to be able to find it and use it to build a more whole, centered, and wise version of self.  The more I travel the more energy I have to engage in life’s challenges with a lighter, happier, more self-reflective spirit.  It reminds me to invest in my soul and in turn I am kinder and more loving to my fellow human beings. I am not trying to say that self actualization is only possible through travel and new experiences, but I believe that it lends itself as a very useful tool. Some of you may say that you need money to be able to do these things. I say that any experience that encourages you to inch further and further outside your comfort zone is just as enlightening as a trans-Euro back-packing trip. I find that these kinds of experiences make me feel more connected, jolly, and complete.  I hope my scribbling will inspire a curiosity to look for a more colorful existence and a way to bridge yourself to the rest of the globe. If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s alright! I am open to feedback and other thoughts! Thank you so much for reading!!